Our Story

MindBurst came to life due to the insistence of endless concepts pouring from elsewhere and wanting to be put to life. It started from a passion to create and a desire to see things come to life. Way back in year 2000, The MIND started to weave ideas spontaneously. This set the stage to exciting future collaborations.

From managing accounts of different advertising agencies, supervising the marketing and advertising needs of Multinational Corporations to implementing the PR, Events and Communications need of an American Direct Selling Company, the MIND was exposed to various experiences that eventually led to the essential services of MindBurst Marketing.

In 2008, MindBurst braved the outside world and started to be an Independent Marketing Consultancy. Armed with 16 years of experience in Marketing Communications and Advertising, it created partnerships and collaborations with a company of the same nature

In 2013, MindBurst Marketing was registered and officially came to life as a Marketing Communications Company specializing on Concepts, Events and Specialized Training.

In 2014, MindBurst took over the management of a pioneering large-format printing company in Western Batangas. The said company was acquired by MindBurst in mid 2015 and became officially registered in 2016 as MindBurst Advertising, Inc.

In 2016, MindBurst became the 1st Official Advertising and Marketing Communications Agency in Western Batangas with 4 flagship services i.e., Out-Of-Home Advertising, Marketing Concepts, Corporate Events and Customized Training & Workshop.

At present, MindBurst has been in the market for 5 years not only as a Service Brand but as a trusted Advertising and Marketing Partner. Still mastering the loops but marking half a decade of dedication and commitment to building lasting relationships and quality results.

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It is our pleasure to offer our advertising and marketing services to your company. Your establishment's best interest is our top priority.